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Corvette Stingray C2 Restore

Corvette Stingray C2
Challenge restoration for the first time in 30 years
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Container Garage C2

  • フェイスブック
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I got a Corvette Stingray C2 in my early 20s I rode for about a year,

I couldn't get it to run properly.

At that time, there was no money, no knowledge, no parts, and it was not something that could be ridden and walked.

Before I knew it, I had been sleeping in the garage for 30 years. graduallyI want you to wake up.

I have done many restorations, but this will be the last one.

The times are good, you can get as many parts as you want on the internet.

It's the beginning of the junk C2 Corvette and junk dad's play.

​Container garage C2 is open by connecting two truck containers

If you want to see it, feel free to watch it. It may be a way to pass the time.

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disassembly and assembly

​frame painting

​Assembly of frame parts

​body preparation


Engine Mission Differential O/H


​Engine stand Frame stand

``This is a report.

This is the third time we have moved. The first time I was working on Wordpress, but I gave up because I couldn't understand it.

Next, I asked my main job to create a template using different software, but since the contract expired, I decided to start up the site myself.

Even an amateur can make it, but it is a challenge with WIX, which is a catchphrase. Instead of learning, I put the manual in front of me and started to take shape while going back and forth. For the time being, I will copy the previous one and continue the continuation.



I always wonder, what is restoration?

Reproduction Restoration Original I still wonder what it is because everyone has various theories.

Also, I don't know the definition of old car classic car vintage.

I've finished many units so far, but I think what's the correct answer.

It started out as fun just to make a non-moving car move.

I have worked on many different cars. What I was taught in it was ​ I was taught not to memorize the car but to memorize the parts. You can see how much the size can be used for different cars. If you understand the parts, you can repair any country's car, whether it is an American car, a European car, or a Japanese car.

Is it the stress of not being able to drive around as much as I could when I was in my early 20s?

Brake oil leaks, engine malfunctions, suspension rattles, the list goes on and on.

Now, I want to go back to those days and play to my heart's content.

For me, the Corvette C2 is a great toy and should be enjoyed.

This is my purpose.


​ Produced by Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture Auto Life Co. Maekawa



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