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Corvette Stingray C2 Restore




Here, an engine stand, a body stand, and a truck container are combined to create a garage and perform incidental work. We will prepare the equipment to make the work easier. I used to work in machining, so I can proceed without any burden. In addition, the fact that I acquired a crane qualification more than 30 years ago is now being used. Until then, I will say that I have not messed with it. I'm relieved that everything is all right.

​6-001  2018/1/30 

Let's make an engine stand from here ☆
I'm going to make it with the materials I have, so I wonder if I can balance it well.


get injured


Position the injured area with a center drill.


Now you have an image. The rotation points were set to 30 degrees each.


I'm going to make a temporary match. If the top is not exposed, it will be distorted when installed.


I will make a temporary match many times. Check the position every 30 degrees.


Under the neck, use whatever material is available.
If it is not parallel to the center, you will have a hard time turning the engine.


Put it on the dolly and get closer to completion.


If you color it, it will look wrong. It is stronger than commercially available products.
A V8 engine would be fine.


Optional items Let's make various arms so that they can be used for overhauls such as missions and differentials.


From here on, what is the official name of the body stand? ?
Well, the one that fixes the body and turns it around.

As usual, I ordered the materials from the steel shop for cutting and gas cutting.


H steel 100x100x6x8 is used.
6m in length, you can easily draw a cartoon by hand.
For easy adjustment


Use 4 or 2. Two things stand. Four left, right, front and back.


Attaching the pipe to the H steel was troublesome.
I couldn't make a hole like this, so it's troublesome to make a hole with a gas switch and expose the center.


Welding work, voltage adjustment using 0.8 wire.
The pipe has wheels on it so it doesn't come off.


Temporary assembly. Temporarily attach with Shakoman.
Temporarily assemble the front and back to show the center. If this is not done, the rotation will be distorted.


base below. Make a right angle. It is troublesome to go back and forth because things are long.
Welding in place


Finish welding and apply red rust.


When the red rust dries, paint green.
I try to paint these things as brightly as possible.
I am careful not to get hurt.


It's still dry, but I'm going to assemble it. I can't wait☆


Keep moving forward. Into the vinyl garage I used to use.


It is assembled like this, the best combination with a single tube.


It looks like this when you turn it. Somehow it doesn't surprise me...


I'm not sure.
If you focus on the body, it will come to a very high position.


I thought about it ☆ I'll add a weight.
I don't have anything affordable, so I'm going to knead cement.


Not sure how much weight you need? ?


yes, completed
I am well balanced. It's a bit time consuming, but it will stop anywhere.
It's quietly balanced☆


I also ride a loading vehicle ◎ This is the longest state.
It will be 1m or more to shrink, so it's okay.
It looks like a car out of a Mulholland Run movie.


This parking lot will be built with new and second-hand materials.
We proceed with the plan for three days during the Obon holiday.
It's so hot...I hate summer...


Start by leveling the ground. I wonder if it will be flat because amateurs do it.
I have no idea where to start.

I wish I could live up to my ideals


I had a friend put a stake in it.
I was told that I should wind the thread here and check the level, but I can't get the point.


Somehow it seems to have become flat ◎
I was so absorbed in it that I trampled a single pile with heavy machinery...


It seems to be a little cooler because of the rain, but the boots are heavy and difficult to walk.


I'm going to take apart this container. Connect the two to create a single space.


Remove one side. It's hot anyway☆


Lift one by one with two four lifts, move it little by little and put it on the position of the block pulled down. For some reason this doesn't work as expected.


You can't do two blocks at once.
Because the forklift can't step over it.
I asked a friend to level it, but it was ruined by knocking down the stakes, so I thought about using the leveler in the room.


I'm going to give away another one.
The same container has a length of 7200, a width of 2500,
If it looks good, it will take a lot of space.


I couldn't lift it with a forklift.
I went to a good place, but the weight sinks the forklift.
prepare the track. I'll go with this guy.
I got my crane qualification over 30 years ago, but I've never run one.


Make a noise and start moving.
Lift carefully while checking that the legs of the truck do not float.
Easy to operate with the remote control.


Since the position was decided, I put it in immediately. Isn't it good ◎
It looks very different from the vinyl garage.
My castle...Completed☆


Left and right leftover tilts are placed on the roof.
With two pieces at the joint, it won't be crushed even if it snows.
The vinyl sheets are put alternately on top of this.


When viewed from the inside, the ceiling feels solid. It's fun to see how good things can be made from waste materials.


I make shelves and try to keep things tidy, but I guess it will soon become a mess.


㊗ Completion ㊗ Appearance is just a container. Lots of treasures inside☆
・・・Personal evaluation◎



wide···. Very different from a vinyl garage.
It rotates 360 degrees, making it very easy to work.


Since the underside also rotates, it becomes easier without diving.


If you want a little more, I want to lower the body.
I lowered it until it barely hits the center H steel, but if I can do this far, I think it's good.


Stops at 90 degrees. Nice cement balancer


It stays stationary even at 180 degrees, but when working, it will move erratically if you apply force, so use it by locking it with a single tube. I also need safety


prayer for safety



This is my third time moving.

​I rented a 7t forklift.

I thought it would work out somehow, but no,

It's exciting because the container wobbles on the forklift.

I used 9 circular metal saws for stainless steel to cut the wall.

Teeth are chipped and fly around, risking their lives.

There is a mark of honor on the face.

​ 10 fingers were also safe.


When two containers are lined up, it becomes quite large.

Length 9200 Width 5000 Height 2500

Quite, parts are included and it is perfect as a work space.



But doing this alone is exhausting.
​ It is a work while going back and forth with a forklift without knowing anything about the right, left, or depth.


Somehow, the prospect was set.

I don't care how much.
Next, I climbed on the roof and tried to shake it, but it was strong.

​ I was worried about adding reinforcing material, but it's okay.

​I will also finish the rain.


There were 9 pieces of 12mm checkered steel plates, so I laid them on the floor and fixed them with welding.


Reuse the walls of the container as well.

Make a shelf in the back, use this wall for the top board.

Cut to size and wrap in cardboard to complete.


It's strong and won't budge even when a person rides on it.

It looks like it will take a little longer to move and clean up.

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