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Corvette Stingray C2 Restore

​​1-030 2019/10/1

It was hot again this year.

It's hot, when I said it was hot, it turned out to be October

​I was a little sick this year, so I wanted to take it easy, but I couldn't play around with the Corvette because I was still in a rush.


So let's start little by little.

Today, let's do the main group of lights.

​Paste paper tape around it so that it won't get scratched even if it hits.


Since there is only one service hole for attaching and detaching, I cut it in an inconspicuous place to the extent that the tool can be inserted.

It can be used unexpectedly.

Once removed from the car body, to bearings etc. I put some grease into it and put it back together, but I forgot to take a picture of the part I took apart. I forget my camera when I'm engrossed.

​I'm trying to get into the habit of taking pictures, but I'm getting stiff.



For some reason, I'm worried about the gap, and once I remove it, I can't decide.

​It's a little more, but it's frustrating.


It is an external product for temporary attachment of the motor.

It will run faster than the original.

It's genuine slow, if you start it after entering the tunnel, it's about to open when you get out.

​I thought about putting a small fog light inside the grill for the tunnel, but I'll go with this first.


Motors, relays, wiring and manuals.

​While translating, it will work out.


This is what it looks like with left and right motors.

​There is some backlash, but it will work out.


This is what it looks like when you connect the wires and open and close.

It has no rattle and is solid.

​Replacing the opening and closing speed faster is the correct answer.


This is an aftermarket wiper motor.

It seems that it has a switch and just connects the power supply.


The one on the right is the genuine product.

​The size is completely different.


It feels like this.


I got hit.

It's out of the bullet.

​The washer pump does not work, so it is difficult to find the cause.


I thought I wouldn't use it without the bullet, but I'm glad I did.

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