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Corvette Stingray C2 Restore




​We've come this far. Make a plan while drinking tea.
frame, upper body, underbody, brakes, suspension, wiring,
I will proceed with the work mainly on the headlight. I'm going to have a car inspection when this area is completed.
In addition, the engine, transmission, differential, steering, meter air conditioner, etc. will be prioritized during the off-season. I feel like I'm going to ride a hearse before I ride a Corvette when I finish all of this.
I don't ride in the middle of summer or the middle of winter, so I plan to pick this time to finish it.


​2-001 2016-9-7

I've finished washing it, so I'm drying it.
Oil, dirt, rust, etc. are removed with a steam cleaner.
If you don't remove it as much as possible, the sand will get dirty during the sandblasting process, so it will be difficult afterward.



Use tap water to clean the inside of the frame as much as possible. Sandblasting cannot process inside the frame.  
I'm going to drop it for rust prevention treatment. I feel that the effect will be thin even if I treat it once it has rusted, but I will try it even if it is a comfort.


I'm debating whether to add rust inhibitor or paint. I don't like rust inhibitors to get sticky with dust.
The paint is sealed and poured inside, but there is a lot of waste.
Conclusion! I feel like it doesn't change just by washing it.
I think there is surprisingly little corrosion in the frame.


I will be sandblasting soon.
I'm looking forward to seeing how well it will turn out. I have tried various ways to remove rust, but sandblasting is the best.


Collect sandblasted parts and go at once.
Protect the trailing arm bolt part with a shrink tube.


Drive shaft
Cover the parts you don't want to process.
Avoid processing universal joints.


Before upper arm and lower arm processing


Sandblasting is the best.
It is a beautiful bare skin that removes rust and dirt.
It is also recommended for older sisters who are a little tired.


After processing the trailing arm and drive shaft


After upper arm and lower arm processing


The surface becomes frosted glass. This will improve the glue on the paint.


I would like to go to painting here, but since other work has entered, it will be aged in a container with low humidity for about two days. It might taste's not.


Undercoating is done. No more worries about rust.
The environment in the paint booth is good and there is little dust.  
I assembled a hanging stand with a single pipe in the booth. Single tubes are very easy to use.


Doesn't it look like a stingray in the sea, just like a Corvette Stingray? ?


Finished painting the frame and undercarriage. It's not chassis black.
The luster is the best because it was painted with the material for body painting. It's been years since I painted.
It would be nice if it was applied evenly...


Even if you paint in a paint booth, dust will stick to it. When painting the body, dust is polished off to finish, but it is a difficult task.
Originally, it would be better to use it as it is without polishing, but it can't be helped because I care about the appearance.
On the surface, I think it's improved, but scraping with a paper compound is the same as scratching.


Our company also repairs new cars.
Even new cars may have dust and paint spots. There are also scratches that occurred during shipping.
We repair such cars, but there are some things that are better for the car to ride as they are.
Even new cars have scratches, dust, and spots.
It's terrible for people who buy new cars, but even new cars are not perfect.


I also painted the gas tank. I wonder if it's fashionable in places you can't see...
It's just masturbation, but I feel like this will make it faster ◎


It's in the gas tank. It has been treated to be rust resistant.
The material is "POR15". It is a new fail gauge.
This kind of invisible time and effort will be important.


the manual​Confirm while watching.



The pedal rubber is also replaced.


Install the inner pad.

Is it a long-term stock?

​ It's shrunken with a dull feeling.


But I managed.

​ It's starting to look like it.


I'm going to put the pad on the passenger side as well.

​Use both with double-sided tape bond.


​ I also put on the handle.


Masterback hits the hood.

​The hood has to be drilled and processed.


Feeling good, I arrived.

If it is genuine, it will not hit, but because the corner is slightly protruding,

sorry, sorry

The brake line is now complete.

​2-028 2019-11-13

I ordered a piece of wiring.

​ Positioning while looking at the manual.


Try crawling it all over.

The connector doesn't feel right.

​The mesh is somehow bad.


​I still can't get an image of the left inner.


I installed the wiper arm.

​While checking the previous photo, do not make a mistake upside down.


​The door lamp switch is stuck in the hinge.


I tried dyeing Q on the inner part of the ceiling.

I wonder why this happens.

This has no choice but to take revenge.

Next time, let's master it so that it can be painted perfectly.


The instrument panel is also dyed with dye Q.

​ Degrease with wax off.

​It doesn't look shiny even after polishing, and there is a cloudiness.


As you can see, it was painted beautifully.

It's a little more matte than I thought, and it's perfect for the instrument panel.

It is lustrous.

Spray cans didn't work, so I used a 1L can with a spray gun.I tried it and it worked.


​ Spray cans are fine for small items, but spray guns are better for large items.


The roof inner worked well too.

Successful revenge.

​ It is not sticky to the touch and has a refreshing feel, giving it a luxurious feel.


Look at this, the light of 55 years ago.

the light of the license plate light,

The reflector will also remain black.

Apart from that, it doesn't matter if you can't see the license plate.

​More than that, the lights from 55 years ago are worth more.


It was completed.

The plastic lens is large, so while scraping it, it fits

It is screwed.

The gap between the plastic lens and the light bulb is narrow, so it may melt with heat.


Instrument panel central part, speaker cover.

I tried adding blue pearl.

​The color comes out beautifully under the sun, but I wonder if it looks shiny indoors.


​The frame part of the rear glass, cracked, made of plastic, painted with Schwamix.


Scrape off the excess part and shape it with putty.


Other sandblasting such as inner garnish,

Don't spare your time and effort, and this one effort will make a difference in the finish.


​Painted and drying



Combination of matte black and glossy black

​ is self-satisfied.


Completed indoor air conditioning installation.

It took me more than half a day to locate it.

Not sure where to fix it.

​ It is trial and error to connect pipes, attach ducts, and avoid hitting the wipers.

By the way, it is installation by the way.

It must be the big-hearted attitude of Americans.

Until I put on the instrument panel, I will not relax.


The instrument panel is temporarily attached.

Layout the wiring.

​I wish I had taken more pictures before I took it apart.



Install the windshield.

​The mall clip was replaced with a new one, so it was easy to install.



​This is the rear glass.



Installing the weatherstrip.

All are bonded.

​I thought it would bounce in the middle, but it's surprisingly familiar.



Mud clear was applied to the side steps and gunmetal paint, and the grooves have a glossy black finish.

​I am happy alone.


​2-052      2020/8/31

It's hot this summer too

I'm not good at summer, so I'm taking a break for the time being.

​Till it cools down rest rest rest rest rest.


​2-053      2020/12/3

When I sent the rear bumper for re-plating, it was returned because it had a hole.

​There must have been a hole when I was polishing it.



When I was filling the hole with welding, it got bigger and bigger.

​I guess the surroundings were also thin.



Sand it and you're done.

​I will send it to the plating factory again.



Small work in the accessory case behind the right passenger seat.



Make a base by processing an aluminum plate.



Completion of the relay box.

​electric fan

fail pump






​Giboshi Even this is not much.

​Use even a little variety.




​ complete.

like thisvinegar

La Nori Liri 


Completion of the relay box.

​electric fan

fail pump






Completion of the relay box.

​electric fan

fail pump






Completion of the relay box.

​electric fan

fail pump





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